Friday, February 21, 2014

10 Signs You Need Baby Wearing + How to Do It

You Might Need Baby Wearing If...

1. You have a fussy or colicky baby

Worn babies cry for fewer hours a day than unworn babies, and skin-to-skin contact causes baby’s stress hormones to drop. 

2. You breastfeed on demand

Baby wearing provides easy access and, depending on the carrier, discretion without the need for a nursing cover!

3. You want your partner, caregiver or someone else to bond with baby

Babywearing isn’t just for mamas—fathers, grandparents, nannies and others can wear baby and provide a safe and snuggly haven.

4. You live in a crowded city 

If you like to get all up in the hustle and bustle of city life, a stroller is just going to slow you down, I don’t care how ├╝ber sleek it is. Busy streets and crowded sidewalks--just sling that baby on!

5. You use public transportation

Again with the bulky strollers…I get in a panicky sweat just thinking about it. Sure, you could make it happen but how easy would it be to hop on with your baby attached to you?

6. You like to hike and explore nature

Babies can enjoy nature with you! They enjoy a different perspective of the world while perched on your back, taking it all in. Plus, a little bit more of an intensive work-out for you! 

7. You have other children, or more than one baby

You might need to baby wear out of necessity rather than to simply enjoy being “hands-free.” Knowing that you have one baby taken care of is a weight off your mind if not your back! Play with an older sibling, change the twin’s diaper, or really do anything! 

8. Your baby only falls asleep in your arms or in the car

The motion of you carrying on with life can lull your baby to sleep, while leaving you with your arms and hands free! Your biceps might not get the same workout, but your shoulders, back and hips will thank you! In addition, you won’t be confined to your home as baby can now nap on the go. 

9. You like to travel

Keeping your baby close to your heart in a carrier is safer and easier than depending on a stroller or worse, plastic car seat in a crowded airport! You take up less room and a happier baby will hopefully result in a stress-free trip. 

10. You need a new addiction

Collecting yarn, cloth diapers or Himalayan salt lamps just isn’t cutting it anymore. Welcome to the world of wraps (or mei-tais, or slings, or soft-sided carriers…)

Lauren Wayne’s “The Natural Parent’s Guide to Babywearing” is a must-read for those wanting to break into the crunchy world of baby wearing.

From the what to the why and most importantly, the HOW, Lauren explains baby wearing and all its manifestations. I love the full size color photos showing different styles of carriers, plus the step-by-step instructions for using each type. 

The writing is straightforward and clear with a sense of humor as well, and left me with a longing for a tiny little baby to tuck away into a snuggly wrap! But babywearing isn’t just for “babies,” you can wear toddlers as well (and we do!).


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